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Biomechanic and Ergonomic Services

biomechanicsErgonomic (The Electronic Injury Era) & Biomechanical Assessment/Set-Up

“Avoid repetitive strain injuries/cumulative trauma disorder”
Ergonomic and Biomechanical Dysfunction causes an imbalance to the musculoskeletal system. This often is the reason for faulty movement patterns. Repetitive strain/sprains of certain soft tissues cause adapted movement patterns. These patterns become muscular “habits” and must be reeducated. The work setting is a great place to see this.

Computer usage, light touch keyboarding, high speed typing, pointing a mouse or a trackball, improper keying technique or body posturing, gaming, lack of adequate rest, taking breaks to stretch your body/limbs and relax your eyes and more are all causes of “unnecessary stress” on tendons, nerves, muscles, in the hand, wrist, arms, shoulders, upper back and neck.

Symmetry: Postural Strength & Conditioning Programs

Postural Dysfunction/Distortion “GRAVITY” is a cause to an imbalance of the muscular system. Here, gravitational force (33.5 lb. per square inch) is constantly pulling the body toward earth. Gravity causes the body to compensate in an effort to retain balance. Muscle contraction, body distortion and pain are the results of compensations the body makes in order to maintain structural balance. Symptoms can generally be resolved with proper treatment, exercises and education.

Symmetry marshals the laws of physics as they pertain to the optimal design and flawless operation of the human musculoskeletal system. Symmetry achieves this by simple concepts of 90 degree alignment against the constant force of gravity. Postural Therapy Programs do not mask or heal symptoms. This program corrects the problem that caused the symptoms. Specifically, getting to the root of the problem is accomplished through objectively measuring the client’s intrinsic muscular imbalances and compensations that have developed over time, where exacerbated by injuries and or the lack of correct environmental stimuli. Symmetry is a non-invasive, anaerobic-isometric and isotonic postural strengthening/stretching program. Routines are sequenced and delivered in a proven-effective order according to the planar deviations demonstrated by the client. The client adheres to this neuromuscular re-education process until a more appropriate motor pattern is established and stabilization around the force of gravity is permanently achieved. The client then experiences increased productivity and performance (both athletically, professionally and otherwise), improved alertness and clarity, enhanced fine motor skills, increased explosiveness, balance and endurance, and improved quality of life resulting from pain and injury free existence!

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis, in this situation, looks for any abnormalities of the body while standing and in walking motion. We are specifically observing to identify the heal placement when striking the floor and the relationship of the head, upper trunk, arm swing, pelvic, upper and lower legs, ankle and foot action.