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Here’s what Interactive Healing clients are saying:


testimonials“Since 1990 to present , Karen Baskin has been my Therapeutic Massage Therapist. I had been a teacher for 30 years and had a lot of postural problems and chronic aches and pains. Karen’s diverse expertise in massage, ergonomics, biomechanics and ability to assess what was and  is causing my pains and discomforts is amazing. The many postural exercise programs she designed for 20 years plus also has helped prepare me to enter my older years with greater strength and overall health.

I have and I do recommend Karen to friends and family. She is a complete professional, dedicated to her clients and to the medical profession. I thank Karen for her continuous knowledge , skills, upbeat and supportive spirit, and endearing warmth and passion to ensure I strive for living pain and injury free.” – Ray Stearns, San Diego CA


“I first met Karen 7 years ago when I began having constant neck pain and difficulty turning my neck. An  MRI revealed several badly degenerated discs. Not wanting to take pain medications long term led me to look for alternatives.

I tried several massage therapists before being treated by Karen. Karen is by far the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She really has magic hands. She is able to relieve muscle spasms, decrease pain, and increase mobility. She also taught me ergonomics to prevent neck strain and has given me customized stretching and strengthening exercises. For the past 7 years, I have only occasionally had to resort to any pain medication.”  –Susan, San Diego, CA


“I am a very active 40 year old female. I am in law enforcement, I run, I crossfit and I am constantly on the go. If it wasn’t for Karen I am quite certain I could not to all that I do!!! I was having issues with my left heel and both calves constantly being tight. Thanks to Karen’s great work and advice I can keep doing all that I do. There was a period of time I thought I would have to give up running but I know if I see Karen and do what she suggests I will be good to go! Thanks Karen!”line-break-green

“Over 20 years ago I had a major car accident, I  was referred to Kaiser physical therapy.The Physical Therapist continuously hurt me instead of helping me. I was referred to Dr. Flynn, a chiropractic and sports injury doctor. I started with Karen in 1990 and still see her for therapeutic massage, postural education and home exercise programs. Karen helped me have less pain and taught me about proper ergonomics while working and taught me proper body mechanics and strengthening exercises.  Dr. Flynn retired and I chose to maintain sessions on a bimonthly or monthly basis with Karen. Karen opened her own office shortly after and I followed her. I have been with Karen and have never been happier with her care.Thank you Karen for preparing me for my older years.” -Ron Norris